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Focusing on structures and colors of the beauty of nature in the context of our contemporary world

Going out into nature, enjoying awesome photographic moments in life, and sharing them with you is one of my greatest joys.

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All photographs which I shot are implicitly copyrighted due to being a creative work. Please respect the precious time, the work and endeavour I put into creatively thinking about photographic expressions and moments, where to shoot them, using transportation to get to the place, the technical means (or equipement), and finally the post-processing including Fine-Art prints to check the creative quality I desire.

Please do not simply a) download them, b) transfer them, c) present on your own, d) show as desktop background, e) print on your own, all without my explicit consent.

Since some people on this Earth steal photographs anyway, I only upload small resolutions to make them unusable in most cases.

Photographs are protected by law.

Photographs resemble an act of creativity.


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Concerning contact requests made by people other than me, this person or group of people need to know about the privacy of these E-Mails: I logically have to use the contained information to reply to such E-Mails. On the completion of these requests, any E-Mails and other data related to it are permanently removed. Irrelevant E-Mails as well as those being private and originating from an unknown sender (not being a friend of mine) will be removed immediately.

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The webpages are designed to be readable by as many people as possible, young and elder people alike, those having good or bad eye sight (I do care about you). I am only interested to inform you, to show you the content. Design is only used to an extend to aid you in being informed with as much comfort and as simple as possible.

This defines a privacy-content-first website (except for the operator and server location and server name).