For me, solving complex mathematical equations and writing delicate computer programs can be both challenging and rewarding, especially if the result is a beautiful image being valued by non-technicians.

What I am enthusiastic about

Writing optimized graphics programs using C++, OpenGL, CUDA and other suitable technologies. While being passionate about global illumination algorithms, I am also interested in related areas, e.g. computer vision, image processing and computational geometry.



Bachelor Thesis

Incremental Light Propagation Volumes in CAVE-like Installations, LMU Munich Germany.
Advisor: Dr. Christoph Anthes. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dieter Kranzlm├╝ller

PDF, Video

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Submitted Papers

Incremental Light Propagation Volumes in Multi-Display Environments, B. Sommer, C. Anthes, D. Kranzlm├╝ller. Submitted to Eurographics 2015.